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Crossbar then

Nearly four years ago, the elected Laurel County, Kentucky Jailer, Jamie Mosley, not only designed an amazing product for his own jail – the CrossBar Electronic Cigarette – he created an industry.  What started as an attempt to generate more revenue, reduce contraband, and improve inmate morale among his inmate population, now represents one of the fastest growing products the corrections industry has seen in years.  The CrossBar brand is recognized in jails nationwide with increasing numbers of U.S. correctional facilities utilizing our product.

Crossbar now

CrossBar’s ownership and staff are all current or retired law enforcement and correctional professionals, so when you do business with us, you can feel confident that you are doing business with one of your own.  Since the inception, CrossBar has continued to invest in research and development.  We have sealed ends on our units and added an additional layer of security on the battery end with a piece of tamper obvious tape.  Each unit has it’s own serial number located on the battery for tracking purposes.

Our Team



Jamie began his criminal justice career as a Kentucky State Police Communications Specialist where he served the agency for thirteen years at four different posts throughout the commonwealth. His final two years as a state employee were dedicated to his position of Instructor at Kentucky's nationally recognized Department of Criminal Justice Training. Recently re-elected to his second four year term in 2014, Jamie continues striving to elevate corrections through his non-conventional, high energy style of administration. The former Nascar driver utilized his engineering capabilities to create one of the most innovative and impactful products to arrive in the corrections industry in decades. The CrossBar Electronic cigarette. The father of four daughters having realized amazing successes both professionally and personally remains passionate about his position of Laurel County Jailer. Jamie says "Though I am very blessed to have realized success I still wake up every morning looking forward to going to work, I can never imagine not being at the jail....I love corrections and having the opportunity to impact the lives of my staff and our inmates."

GREG CROCKETT, Executive Vice President

Greg spent 20 years as a Kentucky State Trooper. He served in various assignments at Post locations throughout Kentucky, including two years on the Governors Executive Security Detail and six years as an undercover Narcotics Detective. He retired in October 2014 at the rank of Captain to serve in his current role of Executive Vice President. Greg directs new business development and serves as head of administrative operations. Greg is the father of three boys. Greg says, "I've been fortunate throughout my career to meet and work beside great people. Now with CrossBar, I continue making new friends within the law enforcement community from all over the United States."

CrossBar Electronic Cigarettes


The Original


Soft & Flexible Casing

Serial # for Easy Tracking

Contains Pharmaceutical Grade Nicotine & Flavoring

Nearly 3 Million Units sold

Sealed Ends


improve inmate morale

Almost every inmate in a correctional facility arrives with an addiction to nicotine. An abrupt disappearance of any substance of addiction can trigger multiple behavioral issues. Facilities who utilize our products experience a reduction in conflicts between the inmate population.


CrossBar products will help generate revenue and increase profit margins necessary to help support your correctional facility in its efforts to continue the operation of various inmate programs. "The increased revenue generated through the sale of Crossbar Electronic Cigarettes has afforded us the opportunity to provide more services to our inmate population." -Sheriff Ken Stolle Virginia Beach Sheriff’s Office Virginia Beach, VA

reduce contraband

The most frequent piece of contraband introduced into correctional facilities above cell phones, weapons, marijuana or even drugs is...tobacco. The use of the CrossBar products eliminates the need for inmates to sneak in tobacco by providing an alternative nicotine delivery system.




For the last two years, the Shelby County Jail has been offering inmates the option to buy Electronic Cigarettes or E-Cigarettes from the jail commissary.

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Just because you are behind bars doesn’t mean that you have to go without your nicotine fix.

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When you do business with CrossBar you are doing business with one of your own. Our entire ownership and staff are all current or retired law enforcement and correctional professionals.
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